Mark Graham Wallpapering Services

For a professional wallpaper hanging service in Murcia, & Costa Regions turn to Mark Graham Decorators. Since 1987, we have offered businesses and residences in the UK & Murcia a range of expert painting and decorating services.

Skilled wallpapering Hanging

At Mark Graham Decorators, our team of decorators are highly skilled at wallpapering so you can be sure of a high quality service. An untrained decorator is much more likely to make a mistake when hanging wallpaper and such imprecision could ruin the look and feel of a newly decorated project.

Mark Graham Decorators specialise in hanging all types of wall coverings such as Romo, Cole & Son, Ralph Lauren, Osborne & Little, Today Interiors, Muraspec, Coloroll, Shand Kydd, Vymura, Lincrusta & Wide Vinyl hanging.

Special Paint Techniques

* Hand Painting Furniture & Kitchens
* Graining
* Stippling
* Colour Washing
* Distressing
* Ageing
* Sponging
* Stenciling
* Dragging
* Marbling
* Tortoise Shell

Spray Painting

* Railings
* Grills
* Doors
* Garden Furniture
* Gates


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" Mark and his staff have done a fantastic job in our Villa. We were delighted with the way that they managed the job arriving at the same time everyday and always made sure after each day that they never left until they had cleaned up their working area.

They were very professional and I would have no hesitation recommending their services to our friends and clients."

Paul Cherry
Managing Director